Easy embeddable Email Builder for OEM

Brick Builder has been built on the idea that a SaaS Vendor is not specialised in the Email Building Industry while having the need to integrate an emailing solution within the application.

This could be relevant for the CRM vendors, as for an Email Router more focusing on delivrability and ISP relationship, an Marketing Automation software editor that is investing its effort on making the most powerful features as possible for the marketing automatisation. Any other Software Editor might be interested to add a World Class Email Builder into its own application for internal use, or for the end user purpose.

Easily Embeddable Email Builder

This is the essence of Brick Builder. Made by techs for techs. As manager of your SaaS company, you want your engineering team to focus their efforts where your application has value, on your core business.

In consequence, if you are a CRM vendor, you might not have the skills, time or wish to invest your time on email creation that could be time consuming to offer both a nice UX and good responsiveness.

In this case, you better trust a partner like Brick Builder. Our skills and our focus are: doing the best Email Builder Technology of the market, make it technically easy to integrate in a third party application.

Costless & Effortless Maintenance

This is our value. Once the email builder is integrated in your application, we provide support to your technical team in case of integration issue or bugs. And on a monthly basis, offer you code releases including fixes and new features for NO EXTRA COST.

The Power of Modern Features

Because this is our only focus, we are able to work on all the modern features of the industry. We don’t even work on delivrability, because our work it only about the app itself.

In consequence, we are able to offer you the most modern UI from a user perspective and the most new brand features in the emailing industry.
Note that we work close to the MJML open source project (we contribute to it) to insure the best email responsiveness of the market. By being partnering with such a technology, we insure having the responsiveness up to date, day to day, according to the email clients changes.